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DIY Laundry Room Shelf

September 10, 2020

Do you prefer top loading washers or front loading washers? That’s quite a debate. I have found people have very strong feelings for their washing machine preference! ?

We happen to have a top loading washing machine, with cabinets above it, where I store detergent, stain removers, dryer balls, etc. But, because both the washer and dryer have giant hoses in the back, they stick out from the wall quite a bit and things kept falling back there into no-man’s land.

My solution was to install a quick, simple shelf that would serve two purposes:

  1. Block the gap so items would stop disappearing
  2. Serve as both a functional shelf to store things and also an opportunity to add a little decorative flare to this otherwise uber functional space.

I needed a board that was 12″ deep, so I snagged the cheapest one I could find at Home Depot. I had Home Depot cut it to my desired length, which is SO incredibly convenient!

Here are the item’s I used to make my shelf:

I started by sanding the edges of the board to smooth everything out. You’ll want to wipe it down with a lint free cloth afterwards. Then, I put on one coat of the wood contidionter, which helps the stain distribute more evenly.

Next comes the stain. I applied two coats of the Special Walnut using a brush.

When the stain was completely dry (I let it dry overnight), I applied 1 coat of water-based polycryllic. Since this shelf won’t get a lot of wear and tear, I only applied 1 coat. If you are building a shelf that will get more use, you will want to apply 2-3 coats of the polycrylic.

We screwed our brackets into the studs, but if you aren’t able to do that, be sure to use wall anchors. I chose to not screw the board into the shelf because I wanted to have the option to remove the shelf if I ever needed to access the outlets behind the washer. Because of the slight lip that wraps around the board, it sits nice and secure up there!

And that’s it! This was a very simple project that made me a happy lady! No more lost items AND it looks pretty darn cute too!

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