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DIY: Individual Trash Cups for Your Car

March 13, 2017
Do you have an upcoming road trip…Spring Break perhaps?  Then, you desperately need individual trash cups for your car!  

I am a bit of a neat freak.  Granted, I’ve had to give up a lot of my tidiness after having children for the sake of my own sanity, but I do still enjoy a quick fix of cleanliness and organization.  After constantly having to clean out my car from all of the random wrappers, napkins, wipes, snacks, etc, I finally decided to give each passenger their OWN individual trash cup.  This may sound like a very insignificant thing, but it has been a life changer!  It’s the small things people!  They make a big difference.  Here’s how I conquered random car trash:

First, I cleaned out each of the bins in the doors.  To start fresh was the best way for me to make sure we only had what we needed in these bins and make room for our new trash cups.  On my toddler’s side, I included a spare diaper, wipes, and a puppy pee pad (these are a lifesaver if you have a newly potty trained kiddo who falls asleep in the car without a pull-up!  Just slide one of these under his/her booty and save your carseat from possible accidents).

I found a plastic cup that was the right size and height for the cupholder spot built into the doors.

For the mini trash bags, I used the little plastic poop bags that you can get in either the baby section of most stores, or also the pet section.  I have found that the pet ones are usually cheaper and are not scented.  I prefer unscented, and I like to save money, so pet poop bags are where it’s at!

I pulled off one of the bags and then dropped the remainder of the roll in the bottom of the cup for easy refills once the existing bag is full.

Then, put the bag in the cup, just like a mini trash can.

Place the cup in the cupholder and then have a little chat with your kiddos about where the trash goes from now on.  This has greatly reduced the amount of random clutter that accumulates in the car!  It’s so nice to have the wipes on hand for sticky fingers, and then I can just toss the used ones in the trash cup and clean it out when it gets full. Like I said…sometimes it’s the small things that make big differences!  If only all of life’s troubles were so easily solved with a pet poop bag.

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