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DIY: Hand Santa-tizer

December 12, 2016

I came across this super cute idea from Stamping Rules for Hand Santa-tizer and I just knew this is what I wanted to give Chase’s teacher and school faculty this year for the holidays.  It’s so cute, and since the schools have hand sanitizer at every corner, I thought it would be very festive, but also very practical.

I started out wanting to make a large Santa suit to cover a 30 oz bottle of sanitizer, but I ended up being able to also make a smaller suit for a 12 oz bottle with the leftover supplies.  I also wanted to find a way to make the Santa suit removable so they could use it year after year.

1 sheet of red felt, 9×12″ (I used the thicker felt instead of the standard thin sheet)
1 sheet of white felt, 9×12″ (same thing-thicker felt)
1 sheet of glitter gold foam
black ribbon (I used 7/8″ grosgrain)
black buttons
hot glue gun
30 oz bottle of hand sanitizer (and you’ll have enough materials left over to do a smaller 12 oz bottle too if you want!)

Measure and cut the felt to 5″ by 12″.  This will be the size you want for a large bottle of hand sanitizer.  It also left a sheet that is 4×12, which is perfect for a smaller 12 oz bottle!

For the rest of this tutorial, I’ll talk about the larger bottle, but at the end, I’ll give the dimensions and changes I made for the smaller bottle.

Measure and cut a long skinny white piece of felt to be 5/8″ by 12″ for the bottom of the santa suit.  For the top, I cut another long piece that was roughly 1″ by 12″, then cut a scalloped edge on one side.

I used black 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon for the belt.  Cut a piece 13″ long, so you have extra to overlap onto the back of the suit and avoid the ribbon unraveling.  To make the belt buckle, you will cut a
1 1/2″ by 1″ rectangle from the gold glitter foam sheet.  Cut 2 slits in the middle of the rectangle that are about 1/2 apart from each other and long enough to get the ribbon through.  Be careful not to cut all the way down to the edge of the foam piece.

Push the end of the ribbon through the back of the gold foam, then push it back down again, over the middle part of the foam.

Squeeze a thin line of hot glue along the top edge of the red felt, then press the white scalloped felt piece onto it, overlapping slightly.

Do the same with the bottom piece of white felt.

Next, lay the belt on the red felt to get placing for your buttons.  I used 3 buttons on the large bottle (and 2 for the small bottle), so once you like the layout, glue the buttons, then the belt.

Flip the suit over and glue the ribbon ends to the back of the red felt.

Now, you can wrap the felt around the sanitizer bottle and glue the ends together.  However, I wanted to make this something that could be easily taken off and reused on an endless number of sanitizer bottles, so I decided to add a thin strip of velcro to the back.

I happened to have 3/4″ velcro on hand, but it was too thick.  I cut a strip long enough to go up the back of the suit (5″), then I cut it in half up the middle to make it skinnier.   This ended up being a great size.

Hot glue one side of the velcro to the underneath side of the Santa suit and glue the other piece of velcro to the top side of the suite.

All done!  Wrap it around your bottle of sanitizer, and you’re all set!

Ok, so let’s go ahead and use up that remaining piece of felt to make a Santa suit for the smaller, 12 oz bottle.  You should already have a piece of red felt that measures 4″x12″.  You’ll want to trim that down to be 4″ x 9 1/2″ long.    Same with your white trim pieces.  They will be 9.5″ long each, and I made them a little bit narrower then the large ones.  Cut a piece of black ribbon to be 10.5″ long, and use the same measurements for the buckle as above (1 1/4″x1″)  Weave the ribbon through the buckle.  Secure the white felt pieces to the top and bottom of the front of the red piece, then lay the belt on the suit to align your buttons.  I only used 2 buttons for the smaller suit.  Glue the buttons, glue the belt, secure the ends of the belt to the back of the suit with glue.  You can use the other piece of velcro you had leftover from the large bottle, and cut it down to size to fit this one (approx 4″).   Glue one side of the velcro to the back edge of the suit and the other to the front edge.  Perfecto!  Now, just wrap it around your bottle and you have a big Santa and a little Santa!

What are you planning on giving teachers this year?  

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