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DIY Hand Sanitizer

March 24, 2020

So, you’re sitting at home, “social distancing”, and wishing you had grabbed some more hand sanitizer the last time you were at the store… Me too. I searched online for a DIY hand sanitizer recipe and became extremely overwhelmed with all of the options!

Some contained alcohol, some contained witch hazel, and still others used vodka as their base. Then, you can add in aloe, Vitamin E, essential oils…etc. I was overwhelmed, so I asked my fellow Instagrammers, who unanimously said in order for the sanitizer to be effective against the Coronavirus, it must contain at least 60% alcohol in the final product.

Now, ideally, I would have gotten 99.9% rubbing alcohol and mixed 2 parts alcohol with 1 part aloe. But, all I had on hand was 91% alcohol and I wasn’t about to go searching all over town for a higher proof alcohol. With a little mathematics, I decided to do a ratio of 3 parts alcohol to one part aloe, which actually yields a final result of 68% alcohol.

I was trying to avoid having to use rubbing alcohol simply because it is so drying and repetitive use wreaks havoc on my hands. The aloe helps, but I also added some Vitamin E oil that I happened to have on hand and some essential oils. I can honestly say after using it for about a week now, it hasn’t been drying my hands out like I anticipated it would!

The exact Ingredients and measurements I used are as follows:

I used a kitchen scale to measure to the ounces, then mixed the ingredients in a bowl and used a funnel to pour them into the bottles. I happened to have 3 oz bottles on hand, so I poured the mixture into 2 separate bottles.

Ideally when using essential oils, you want to use glass when possible as the oils will break down the plastic over time.

Have you made your own hand sanitizer? If so, share the recipe in the comments below so we can all try it!

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