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DIY: Glitter Fruit That Won’t Get Glitter All Over Your House

November 29, 2016

I love glittery things.  Maybe it’s a girl thing.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I have 2 boys and nothing around here is glittery anymore so my need for sparkly things is greater then ever.  I do enjoy the sparkle of glitter, especially around the holidays.  What I don’t enjoy is having glitter in places that it shouldn’t be…like my forehead or in between my eye lashes or under my dining room table.

This project is super simple and will satisfy your glitter craving without making your entire house look like a fairy princess exploded.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Fake fruit (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
Modge Podge (Glossy finish)
Spray paint (optional)

I started out by spray painting my fruit.  I happened to have some gold and silver spray paint leftover from a different craft, so I went ahead and gave them a light coat.  This is not required, but I wasn’t sure how well the glitter would cover the fruit, and I thought it would be pretty obvious if a red part of the apple was showing through a thinly glittered area.  If you choose to skip this step, you may have to add some extra glitter to the sparse areas later.

After the spray paint has dried, use your paintbrush to paint a coat of Modge Podge on the fruit.  Not too thin, but not too thick.  Clear as mud?  You want it thick enough to grab lots of glitter, but not thick that it’s dripping off the fruit.

While it is still wet, sprinkle the glitter to cover the glue on all sides of the fruit.  I chose to do this step outside because as I mentioned, having glitter all over my house is not my idea of a good time.  If you can sprinkle the glitter over a paper plate, you can reuse that glitter for the next fruit.  Let the fruit dry completely.

Once it is dry, use your paintbrush to paint another coat of Modge Podge over the glitter.  I did the top half of the fruit, let it dry, then did the bottom half to avoid having it stick to the paper plate while drying.  I did the first few pieces with matte finish Modge Podge, then switched to glossy.  To be honest, there’s not a huge difference, but since glitter is supposed to be sparkly, I’d recommend going with the glossy finish (it has the red label as opposed to the yellow label of the matte in this picture).  It does lend a slightly more shiny surface.

After the Modge Podge dries, you will still have plenty of sparkle and shine from the glitter but WITHOUT the mess!

These are fun just sitting around, grouped in a bowl, added to your tablescape, or you could tie a string to the stem and use them as ornaments!  So many possibilities.

So, are you team glitter?  I am, as long as it is smothered in Modge Podge!

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