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DIY: Dollar Store Sunburst Craft

November 11, 2016
I was at Target the other day, and noticed this interesting looking home decor item.  
I liked the look of it, but I wasn’t really feeling it for $20.  Later, I happened upon this site that listed Dollar Store crafts, and I saw these snowball looking things.  The wheels started turning…I could make this and paint it gold, for a similar effect and much less moolah.

Off to the Dollar Tree I went,  I picked up a package of assorted size styrofoam balls and a box of toothpicks for $2.  Don’t get me wrong, I picked up several other things too, but the cost of items for this craft was roughly $2.  Let’s not talk about how much I spent on other stuff…mmmkay?  I happened to have a can of gold spray paint leftover from a previous craft, so I was all set!
Styrofoam balls
Spray paint
Start stabbing!  Push the tip of the toothpick in just far enough that the styrofoam grabs a hold of it.  You don’t have to push it in too terribly far., but you do want to make sure it’s secure.  Be sure to push each toothpick in as straight as possible so that each toothpick sicks outward and they don’t overlap.  
You don’t have to be perfect by any means.  There is a lot of forgiveness in this craft.  That’s the best kind of craft!
After I had what seemed to be like enough toothpicks, I sprayed a coat of paint on it.  
I wasn’t happy with the results.  Too much ball, not enough spikes. And yes, I spray painted my thumb in the process.  Oops!
So, back to the toothpicks!  I added more until I thought it looked full enough.  This was an interesting look with the two different colors, but I decided to go ahead and give it another coat of paint.
Tada!  Not bad for a couple of bucks!  
And, I had enough supplies leftover to do a 2nd one.  This would be a fun decoration for fall or Christmas.  Or even just a good addition to an everyday bookshelf. 
What’s your favorite Dollar Store craft?
Niki French

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