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Chase’s 8th Birthday: Minecraft

September 20, 2017

For years people have been telling me that Chase would LOVE Minecraft.  And for years I had no idea what in the heck Minecraft was.  This past summer, we ended up getting a kindle prior to a long road trip, and I figured I might as well download this so-called amazing app for him.  Well…that was the start of an extremely intense love affair between Chase and Minecraft!  To say this boy is obsessed would be an understatement.  So, there was really no better theme for his party this year!

We usually do the boys’ birthday parties at home, but this year Chase wanted to have his party at a local indoor waterpark.  So, we grabbed our swimming suits and broke tradition.  You may be thinking I was super upset having to give up control of his party planning, but it really was fine.  It was actually great!  I do enjoy planning their birthday parties, but I was still able to incorporate some of the crafty party things I enjoy doing with this party…and the best part was that it wasn’t at my house, so the cleanup was minimal!  #canigetanamen

Because it wasn’t at my house, I didn’t go crazy with Pinterest-worthy Minecraft party ideas, but I did try to make it special for Chase, and he was happy with how it turned out.  And that’s all that matters!

This is US before the party!
It’s been tradition that I try to make a shirt for the birthday boy to correspond with the theme of the party.  This year’s shirt was probably the easiest yet!  Chase is wearing his shirt in the picture above.   Green shirt, black paint, done!  Click HERE for instructions on how I make the custom shirts and to see shirts from years past.  
Party tablescape:

Our kids ask for this party punch at every single birthday.  The color changes to correspond with the theme, but it’s always a must at our parties!  To get the recipe for the punch, click HERE.
PS: I forgot to bring the sugar with me to the water park, and you know what?  The punch was just as good without it!  It was plenty sweet with the sprite and lemonade concentrate, so if you want to skip the sugar, go for it!  Lord knows the kids get enough of it anyway!

Party food!  We served just a few little munchies for the kids.
Bricks: watermelon
Torches: Cheetos
Creeper Eggs: green grapes

Twizzlers cut in half and then wrapped with TNT papers.
I purchased this set of Minecraft place cards and tags, which I used for the food labels and thank you notes. 

Chase requests the same round chocolate cake every year for his birthday.  A Costco recently opened close to our house, and I had been hearing a lot of great things about their All American Chocolate Cake.  I talked it over with Chase, and he decided he wanted to try it…so that meant I was off the hook!  It came with some fancy icing on the top, which I smoothed out by using a butter knife dipped in warm water.  I also had to pick some of the chocolate shavings off of the sides so the fondant squares would stick.  But, considering I didn’t have to make a cake from scratch, it was easy peasy!

Ok, for the squares, I purchased two shades of green fondant from Hobby Lobby.  I rolled them out on a sheet of wax paper with a rolling pin and then used a cookie cutter (also purchased from Hobby Lobby) to make the squares.  I wrapped them in wax paper, stored them in a baggie, and then refrigerated them until I was ready to apply them to the cake.

When it was time to put them on the cake, I used a butter knife with a small amount of warm water to barely moisten the chocolate frosting, then stuck the fondant squares on.  They stayed put overnight and also the entire time we were in the extremely humid indoor water park!

Party favors:  I ordered test tubes and filled them with coordinating colors of M&M’s.  After finding some free clip art for creeper faces and flames, I had them printed and then taped them to the tubes.  The white box is filled with floral foam and then covered with black beans.
Sorting M&M’s was a fun activity for the boys! 

The birthday boy having some fun!

His invitation was purchased from etsy

And that’s EIGHT!  Happy Birthday to my sweet baby, who’s not a baby anymore!  I can’t wait to see what this year brings for you.  Kiss kiss
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