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Chase’s 7th birthday: Mad Scientist

October 13, 2016
My little scientist is turning 7!  It’s hard for me to believe.  No, really.  I even created his invite and wrote, “Chase is turning 6!”  I’m obviously in serious denial that I have a 7 year old!  7 just seems so old.  How can I have a child that old already?  At any rate, whether I’m ready to accept it or not, it was time to celebrate.  And, Chase wanted to celebrate Mad Scientist style!  

For instructions on how I made his custom atom birthday shirt, click here.
I found this adorable birthday invitation package on, which came with everything I needed for the party…signs, treat bag signs, food labels, etc.  It was perfect!
I let Chase pick the food, so he of course chose junk that he doesn’t get on a regular basis!  Hence the radioactive Cheetos.  

And, for a little substance, we had a “hot dog lab” with different toppings for the kids to experiment with.  Although, most of them just stuck to the basics…ketchup and mustard!
These water bottle labels also came in the Mad Scientist birthday package from etsy.

I found this idea for large atom decorations from Kara’s Party Ideas.  She suggested getting hula hoops from the Dollar Store, spray painting them, and connecting them with zip ties.  Worked like a charm!  I used balloons that were slightly blown up for the nucleus and hung them from the ceiling using yarn.  I made 3 total, and it was a super cheap, super cute decoration!
Once again, I was able to use our barn as the party zone!  This works out so great because we have plenty of room to spread out and make a mess.  Here’s the table, all set up, ready for the kids to start experimenting.  

At each child’s station, I had a name tag, disposable lab coat , safety glasses, and all of the equipment and ingredients needed for our experiments.  I gave each child an aluminum tray to do their experiments on to try and contain the mess.  Our experiments included:  Elephant Toothpaste, Magic Balloon Inflation, and Make your own Slime!
The Elephant Toothpaste experiment was a HUGE hit!  All of the kids loved seeing the reaction of the foam coming out of the bottle so quickly.  
The Magic Balloon experiment is super simple and has impressive results!  The kids loved watching the balloons automatically blow up.
Bounce house fun!  A birthday tradition for us!
Mixing ingredients for DIY slime.
We went ended the experiments with a bang and did the Mentos/Diet Coke explosion!  Watch out!
For the cake, I used this as my inspiration.  Not quite as pretty as the original, but Chase was happy with it.  I used saltwater taffy rolled into balls for the nucleus.  It was a great idea, until they melted the next morning.  So, if you ever use taffy for any sort of cake decorating, I suggest waiting until the day of the event!
Poor melty atomic nucleus.    🙁

Photos were taken by Sara French Photography

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  • Drew Watts December 29, 2017 at 6:25 am

    How lovely Mad Scientist themed birthday! Thank you very much for sharing this post here. I have also planned a fun birthday party for my little one. I am almost done with all the organization and arrangements at one of the local Venues in San Francisco event venues. Now eagerly waiting for his birthday!

  • Midwestern Mama December 29, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    Birthday parties can be a lot of work, but I love planning them! I hope your little one has a great time!

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