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Chase’s 4th birthday: Fireman

September 29, 2016

Chase has recently shown an interest in firetrucks and firemen, so it only seemed appropriate that we would have a fireman party.  I can’t believe this little guy is 4!  Growing up so fast.

1.) For the flames on the cake, I used Wilton sugar sheets.  I cut them out with an exacto knife and laid them on the cake.  The sheets are edible, similar to a thin fondant.  They are super easy to work with and make decorating a breeze!
2.) Me and my food table.  A thank you to my mom who always gets a pic of me during all of the madness!
3.) Pin the siren on the fire engine
I cut out A LOT of poster board flames.  I wanted to make it look like our house was on fire, and I have to say…I think I succeeded!  Can I get a little shout out from Nelly…”It’s Gettin Hot in Here!”
Fun with friends!  
Darn!  You mean, I have to wait a WHOLE year to have another birthday party?!?!?

His invitation came from etsy.

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