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Chase’s 2nd birthday: Cord party

September 26, 2016

Oh, this child of mine.  He doesn’t play with dinosaurs or cars.  No.  He plays with cords.  That’s right, you heard me.  Electrical cords are his jam.  Ever since he was itty bitty, he would crawl over his toys and head towards the lamp cord or the vacuum cleaner cord.  This is a mom’s worst nightmare! Are you kidding me?  My baby wants to play with electrical cords!?!?!?  He could get shocked, or wrap it around his neck!  I tried my best to interest him in other things, but he is persistent!  So, when you can’t change it, you should embrace it, am I right?

That’s exactly what I did for his 2nd birthday.  We went with a cord theme!  You can’t exactly go to Hobby Lobby and get cord themed party decorations, so I relied on internet pictures and my good ole fashioned art skills.  And, thanks to my mom, we had a lot of old cell phone chargers to use as decoration.

It ended up being a pretty cute party and the best part was that it was TOTALLY Chase. This party captured his unique personality in a nutshell!

My mom helped me with the cake by using licorice and black / silver icing.  Who knew you could get silver icing?  Not me!
Fun in the bounce house!  It’s good to be 2!

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