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Camping in Comfort

September 26, 2017
Hey friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We went camping with the family this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.  That’s one perk of living on a large chunk of land…you can decide to camp at a moments notice, when the weather is nice and you have supplies to make s’mores!

I am admittedly not the most outdoorsy person.  I do enjoy outdoor activities, but roughing it is not exactly my cup of tea.  However, the boys LOVE camping, and I LOVE to be with them, so I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing them have a blast out there in the woods.  And, because this experience wasn’t nearly as bad as I was anticipating, I wanted to share some of the things that made this camping trip fun!

Air mattresses!
Thank the Lord for air mattresses with battery powered pumps!  These were a life, or should I say back, saver!  We set up 2 separate tents, with a queen mattress in each.  This worked out really well because Beckham and I went to sleep earlier, while Chase and Adam were able to stay up later and not bother us when they decided to turn in for the night.  There were tons of sticks and walnuts on the ground, so I can only imagine how uncomfortable we would have been if it wasn’t for the mattresses!  Seriously worth the $25!  

I decided to make my bed like I would at home with a mattress pad (I love this one from IKEA because it’s flat), sheets, and a blanket.  You may be thinking a mattress pad is a little over the top for a camping trip, but the plastic air mattress is rather sweaty, so it’s nice to have a thin barrier.  #highmaintenance  Adam and Chase opted for sleeping bags on top of their mattress.

We had a couple of flashlights, but these headlights were a hit and worked great!  We also had a spotlight and the boys loved shining it into the woods to look for deer and other animals.  Bigfoot, are you out there???

Extendable Roasting Sticks
These telescoping sticks are PERFECT for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows!  We have used them multiple times and they have held up really well.  The sticks we have are 32” long, which was plenty long enough for Adam and I, but the boys both complained of being too close to the fire’s heat…so I found these 45” sticks and we might give those a try next time.

I think it goes without saying that you would bring chairs with you, but I found these and couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were!  We have had them for a few years and they have held up really well!  They also come in child size, which is nice for the littles.  And, I’m pretty sure they were even cheaper in the store.  

Noise App
We are all pretty accustomed to sleeping with some sort of fan/white noise.  Being out there in the wilderness with all of the strange noises can definitely keep you awake…and even start to spook the little ones.  I can’t even tell you how many times I have used this noise app, called Relax Melodies!  Any time we are away from home, I turn it on and it is great at drowning out any unfamiliar sounds.  

External Battery Pack
Note to self: next time you want the noise app to function all night, you will need a battery life extender.  My phone died about half way through the night, so I was definitely wishing I had this with me.  The boys stayed asleep, but Adam and I were awakened by the unusual sounds, so I will be bringing this along with me next time! #lessonlearned

Bug Spray
I am the person that will go outside for 5 minutes and get 40 mosquito bites.  For some reason they just really like the taste of me.  This is part of the reason I don’t enjoy being in the woods for very long.  It’s just no fun to be bug food.  And with all of the scary diseases that mosquitoes are associated with these days, it makes me even more paranoid about getting bit.  Enter this bug spray.  I picked this up on a whim, and it worked AMAZINGLY well!  I’m talking not one of us had a single bite or tick!  I can’t even tell you how crazy that is because I seriously get bit ALL THE TIME!  I also love that it’s 100% deet free.  


So those are some of the possibly out-of-the-box things that we used this camping trip, and I don’t think we will ever do another campout without them!  Here’s a quick list of things we brought along with us too.  If you’re like me, you like to have a list of items to check off in hopes that it will ensure you don’t leave anything behind.  This trip I forgot paper plates…but luckily we were close to home and could easily run back and grab them! 

Camping List
Air Mattress / pump / batteries
Bedding or sleeping bags
Roasting sticks
Noise App
External battery charger
Bug spray
Boots or flip flops (I wanted something easy to slip on for quick middle of the night bathroom breaks)
Canteens with water
Fire starters
Paper plates
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Trash bag
Food / condiments
Shovels (for the kiddos to dig)
Scissors (you never know what you may need them for)

What are some of your favorite camping supplies?  Do you have any fun camping traditions?

Niki French

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