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Buffalo Check Christmas Decor: Round 2

December 24, 2019

Did anyone else have a tough time with the short timespan between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year? Man, it really threw me off. We were out of town for Thanksgiving, not returning home until Dec 2. By the time I got unpacked, caught up on laundry, and even thought about breaking out the Christmas decor it was already the 2nd week in December.

It’s a lot of work to decorate for just a couple of weeks! I told myself I wasn’t going to go overboard, but once you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to stop. I have boxes of various decorations in the basement and just pull out what I want each year. This year I decided to keep things easy and just stuck with the classic red, gold, and silver with pops of the black and white buffalo check.

It was fairly easy to decorate since I had already done the hard work of planning and finding the decor last year. If you want to see last year’s Christmas decorations, click HERE. This year’s decor was based on what I did last year but a little more toned down.

I love a full tree! The more ornaments, the better. I stuck with my color theme from last year of red, gold, and silver then used the same check ribbon I had cut the year before. Using precut ribbons of about 18-24″ long is an easy way to add ribbon to your tree without having to mess with the branches. I love the extra touch the ribbon adds and it’s also a great way to fill in any holes or bare spots your tree may have.

I got this tree collar a couple of years ago and I love it! I added some burlap material underneath for two reasons: 1, I like the way it looks; it softens the rigid feel the collar provides. And 2, I was a little worried the tree collar might scratch the floor, so setting it on top of the burlap protects the floor. You know I’m obsessed with layering rugs, so this is a similar approach!

I started the season off with this little nook decorated for my collaboration with King of Christmas. But then my painter came to paint the kitchen cabinets and the trim along the ceilings and baseboards…so I had to move this decor. I decided to just redo it completely and use these items elsewhere in the house.

Having our awkward half-wall removed a few months ago was SUCH a good decision! It was much more fun decorating the entryway area this year!

I decided to move the wreath to the mantel. I use these old windows often, no matter what the season, but I haven’t had them up in a while, so I dusted them off and they made an appearance as the main focal point of our mantel. The wreath and some ornament clusters were really all I needed to complete this area!

I do love a full garland. I mixed eucalyptus with my other random wispy garland, both of which I snagged from Hobby Lobby, to add texture and a variety of green shades. Wrapping the existing candles with red ribbon was also a simple way to spruce up my regular decor! I just taped some red velvet ribbon around my white candles and they are instantly transformed into Christmas candles!

This year, I snagged a few more of those adorable white houses from Target Dollar Spot…and added to the collection along with my various trees!

We always hang our stockings here because our fireplace is usually occupied with a fire, and this saves me from having to shuffle them around frequently. And Beckham seems to have misplaced the tree star…so until we find it, our tree is a tad bare up top!

Once our painter finished, I had planned to leave this area alone, but I just couldn’t help it. I gradually kept adding things until it was full again! ‘Tis the season! ha!

These glitter apples and pears were a DIY I did a few years ago but I still love them! The beauty of these is that the glitter doesn’t shed! Can I get an amen?

I love using books mixed into my decor. I have a variety of old books I’ve picked up from garage sales and resale shops. Some birch logs and a couple of trees help this everyday decor feel more festive!

That wraps up this year’s holiday home tour! Similar to last year, but yet still different in many ways. That’s what I love so much about home decor….you can move things around, group items differently, swap out colors and all of a sudden it’s a completely new look! Happy Holidays!

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