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Breaking Your Man Out of an Accessory Rut & A GIVEAWAY!

August 16, 2017
**This post is in collaboration with Jord Watches.  All opinions and words are my own.  To read my full disclosure please click here

With all of the talk about capsule wardrobes these days, I have to chuckle to myself because I think Adam is the unknowing creator of a capsule wardrobe.  He likes what he likes, and he doesn’t branch out much.  He also wears the same clothes pretty consistently, not wavering much on his personal style.  Polos, button up shirts, casual tees and shorts for hanging around the house.  His wardrobe is something you capsule lovers would be jealous of.  But it works for him!  Like I said before, he knows what he likes, and instead of trying to turn himself into something else and follow trends, he has just accepted who he is and what clothes he likes to wear.

It’s no different with his accessories.  Or should I say lack of accessories.  Adam has worn the same watch for over 14 years.  No joke!  He bought a watch while we were on our honeymoon and has worn it ever since.  Other than his wedding band, and the occasional ball cap, this watch is his only accessory.  So when Jord Watches reached out and asked me to feature a man’s watch, I was very intrigued!  I pulled up the website and hesitantly showed the watches to Adam but to my surprise, he was interested!  He liked how they were modern, unique, and had some personality.  Those were not his words of course.  I highly doubt he would describe a watch as having personality, but I just ad-libbed for him because he is a man of few words and this blog post would be more like a twitter comment if we just went off of his words alone 😉   Point being, he liked them.  And he is pretty darn picky.

So, back to Jord contacting me.  I had previously seen Jord Watches featured on Living in Yellow, and thought they were very pretty.  So, for a company like this to contact someone like Erin seemed totally normal.  She’s legit.  How they got my name, I’ll never know!  Please, no one tell Jord that I’m the complete opposite of a legit blogger!   It will be our little secret because if they find out, they may make Adam return his watch, and then we’d be back to another 14 years of the same ol, same ol.

Anyway, he would never admit it, but I think he has secretly enjoyed having another option to wear.  I mean, after 14 years, I would want a change too!  Jord has a great selection of men’s watches, but the choice was not difficult for Adam.  This one was his favorite, and it definitely looks like his style.  And, obvs I checked the women’s collection….so pretty!  I’m not gonna lie though, I kind of liked some of the men’s styles for myself also.  I am into oversized, chunky watches right now, so Adam better keep his new treasure under lock and key or it just might go missing (onto my wrist).  On second thought, after all of the talk about a 14 year hiatus on watch buying, I will just let him keep this one, but I really do like these watches enough to think about stealing it from my husband.

Ok, ok.  I know what y’all are thinking.  That’s great you love these watches so much, but the title of this post said something about a giveaway!  Yes, it did!  I’m excited to be able to share this with you!  You can enter to win a $100 e-gift code to to purchase one of these beautiful watches for yourself or someone you love!  One lucky person will win, but EVERY person who enters will receive a consolation code worth $25 redeemable at once the contest ends on August 20, 2017.  So, it’s basically a win-win!  I feel like Oprah…YOU get $25, and YOU get $25, and YOU get $25!

So, be sure to complete the entry form and have a chance at that $100…but even if you aren’t the lucky winner, you will still be $25 closer to owning a super cool piece of wooden art for your wrist.   And don’t forget to check out the beautiful selection of watches they have available!  Who knew there were so many different kinds of wood!?!?!

Watch Gift Ideas

So, tell me…which watch is your favorite?  Aren’t they so unique?  It’s hard to pick just one!

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