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Bombers are the Bomb

March 22, 2017

I am loving the bomber jackets that have hit the stores recently!  So cute, and a great little lightweight jacket to help carry us into spring.

Blush Bombers:  Blush is the new black.  This light pink hue is everywhere this season and I’m loving it!  I am not much of a pink person when it comes to clothes, but I have been enjoying the blush trend.

I recently found this super cute satin bomber at JC Penny!  They always have coupons available online, so definitely look them up before you checkout.  It’s currently on sale for $39.99, and with a 25% coupon (code: SAVING65, good March 22), that brings it down to $30!  Tunic  / Similar Pants / Similar sandals. Below are a few other blush options:
Blush bombers:  1  / 2  / 3  / 4  

Olive Bombers:  Cousin to the military jacket, the olive bomber is a great neutral accessory to throw on with almost any outfit.  It surprisingly goes with most everything these days.  And speaking of blush, olive and blush look great together.  It’s a nice contrast to have a soft pink textile next to a rugged olive!

Olive bombers:  1 / 2  / 3  / 4  / 5 

Floral/Embroidered Bombers:  Floral and embroidered items are everywhere these days!  I first started seeing them around Valentines day with a sudden influx of rose embroidery on things, but more and more embroidered flowers have arrived with a bang are here to stay!  These pretty pops of color have been sewn into everything from dresses, sweatshirts, shoes, and of course bombers.

Embroidered bombers: 1 /  2  / 3  / 4  / 5 

Camo Bombers:  And, I couldn’t leave out a beloved camouflage bomber!  It’s a fun way to spice up and outfit, and similar to it’s cousin, the olive bomber, camo seems to go with more then you would initially think!

Camo Bombers:  1  / 2  / 3  / 4 

Other Bombers:  While searching for the aforementioned bombers, I happened upon a few unexpected finds, so I wanted to share them with you as well…incase you want to be different this season and are avoiding olive, blush, and flowers 😉

Well, that about covers it for bomber jackets!  What do you think?  Yay or nay?  I say yay! (obvi)  
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