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Black and White Buffalo Check Christmas

December 24, 2019

Do you change your Christmas decor from year to year? I like to change mine up periodically. I have a variety of things in storage boxes, so I pick and choose what I want each year, usually adding a few new things too.

Last year I decided to incorporate black and white (and some black and red) buffalo check, but I never got around to posting about it….so here we go! This was a fun variation of my usual red Christmas decor and it was easy to add pops here and there of the trendy check pattern.

Considering I like to change things up, one thing I do that has helped me stay organized is separate my ornaments by color. I have a box of blue, a box of silver, a box of gold and a box of red. And of course a box of random ones that usually end up on the kid’s tree. This way, I can pull whichever colors I am wanting to work with and leave the rest boxed up for another year.

For the tree, I used the red, silver, and gold ornaments I already had, then added in wide burlap ribbon and strands of buffalo check ribbon. The burlap was one long thick, runner, which I didn’t want to cut because I use it for a variety of home decor. I bunched it every 18″ or so and tied a twist tie around it, then wrapped it around the tree, stuffing the twisted parts into the branches.

Wrapping paper is from Homegoods and Marshalls

But the easiest way to add ribbon to a tree is to cut individual strands of ribbon, about 18-24″ long, and then tuck the ends into the tree. This is what I did with the black and white check ribbon. It gives the effect that the ribbon is woven throughout the tree, but you don’t have to deal with wrestling the branches! It’s also much easier to position the ribbon in bare spots. I saved my ribbon strands from last year and was able to do the exact same thing this year!

Another way I added the black and white buffalo check was by picking up 6 pieces of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. They have a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from. I used the paper as placemats under my plates, and for just a few bucks, I was able to tie in that same black and white pattern to coordinate with my tree!

The collection of trees on the dining table is something I have accumulated through the years. I usually add one or two each season, depending on whatever catches my eye. And I often change where I display them…sometimes together and other times spread throughout the house.

The small white houses at each place setting was a simple DIY. I found small village houses at Walmart, but I really wanted a crisp white buildings instead of a colorful ones. Thanks to a few layers of spray paint, my wish was granted!

Another tip: The greenery in the center of the table is several pine sprigs laying next to one another rather than one long strand of garland. Garland can be expensive, and some are stiff and hard to work with. Layering these sprigs down the center allowed more flexibility for where I wanted to place them and it was a fraction of the price.

I used the same buffalo check ribbon to replace the bows on these wooden gift boxes. It may seem like a lot of buffalo check, but when you stand back and look at the entire room, there are just pops of it here and there. I love how it all coordinates without being too overwhelming!

I also change our mantel decor from year to year. I find it fun to experiment and play! I found the pallet tree at a vintage market, but the natural wood got lost in front of the rock. I dry brushed it white paint and it pops much better!

Last year I bought several white houses from the Target Dollar Spot and placed them on our TV console amongst some eucalyptus and a string of fairy lights.

We hang our stockings on this TV console because we use our wood burning fireplace often. I tried hanging them from the mantel the first year we lived in this house and found it to be very frustrating to constantly be moving them around when we wanted a fire. This has been their home ever since!

I love decorating this table for the seasons! It sits behind our couch and acts as a room divider, separating the living room from the kitchen table area. Because it’s in the center of our house, it’s often a decor focal point.

Adding pillows to a table like this is a great way to add color and take up space if you are shy on other decor.

And these are the boxes that started it all! I saw these adorable jute and buffalo check gifts at Hobby Lobby and was inspired to incorporate this look throughout the house.

This year I changed out the bookshelf decor seasonally. Oftentimes I will just add a seasonal item here and there amongst the regular decor, but I tried something new this year and completely changed the bookshelves to include only Christmas decor. I like the way I was able to display a lot of our Christmas photos together as a grouping instead of spread throughout the house on various tables.

This random half wall in our entryway is always kind of awkward. I hung some garland and ornaments on it and called it a day. But, I was very happy with how the vintage window/wreath decor turned out! I made the ornament clusters by stringing various sized ornaments together in a grouping. Classic red and green always makes my Christmas heart happy!

Whelp, that about does it for the Christmas tour this year! I hope you got some inspiration for next year. Pin this post so you can refer back to it next Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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