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Beckham’s 2nd Birthday: Bug Party

April 7, 2017

Happy Friday folks!  I am continuing with my “Beckham’s Birthdays” theme for the week and sharing his party details from last year:

TWO!  Ah, two.  So much fun, but also such a trying age.  Beckham has taken a liking to a little plastic ladybug (the one in this set), which he carries around in his little, clammy hand everywhere we go.  He sleeps with it, takes it in the car, and carries it around the house with him.  We misplace it A LOT, but so far, we have managed to keep finding it!  Actually, we have 2…one orange one and one red one.  He usually only gets one at a time incase one of them is permanently misplaced, then we will have a backup. 😉  And thank goodness for the backup.

So, a ladybug party it is!  I painted a custom birthday shirt for him, as I try to do for both boys on their birthdays.  See the tutorial here.
I used a Hawaiian skirt to go around the table, and cut out grass from poster board.  The bugs are made of poster board also.  Bug nets are from Target’s Dollar Spot, and “bug spray” (silly string) is for a game of “spray the bugs” that we played.  
I made bug hats for the kiddos using foam, pipe cleaners, and pom pons.  
Beckham isn’t a big fan of cake, so we had bug brownies instead.  The eyes and spots are made with Wilton sugar sheets, and the legs were blue Twizzlers.
It’s not a party unless you break out the bounce house!

Naturally, we had Bug Juice!  It’s always a request at birthday parties around here.  You can find the recipe here.

Spray the “bugs” with “bug spray” (aka, silly string)!  Super fun!
Sweet little boy!  I can’t believe you’re already 2!  Time just flies.  I’ve enjoyed you so much!
(big brother just can’t help himself from blowing out the candles!  Cracks me up)
I made his invitation using Photoshop Elements.

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