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Meet Niki

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  My name is Niki, and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys.  I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, then moved to Oxford, Mississippi to attend college at Ole Miss.  It was there that I met my husband, Adam.  He graduated a year before me, and moved to Kansas City.  After 12 months of a long distance relationship, I finally graduated and followed him to the midwest.  I was born and raised a southern girl, but I will most likely live the rest of my days here in the midwest, so I think I have officially accepted the fact that I should now be called a Midwesterner!

Adam and I were married in 2003 and started to get settled in Kansas City, but shortly thereafter, Adam was offered a job in Las Vegas.  We jumped on the opportunity and moved to the desert for 3 years.  We enjoyed our time out there, but knew we didn’t want to raise a family so far away from home.  We moved back to Kansas City, and in 2009 we were blessed with our son, Chase.  After 3 years of infertility struggles, we finally got pregnant again.  Beckham was born in 2014, and our family is now complete!

In September 2015, we sold our house in the suburbs and moved to an old farmhouse on 40 acres. It’s been a bit of a change, but we have all really enjoyed the space.

I decided to start a blog as a creative outlet for myself and also a way for me to share things I am passionate about with others.  I enjoy taking pictures and doing crafty things.  I like girly stuff like makeup and clothes.  And, I enjoy cooking…as long as the recipe isn’t too terribly long and complicated!

I have had any social media accounts, until I started this blog!  I honestly didn’t see how people had time to follow them, but I also found it hard to truly get to know people through social media because it’s definitely a highlight reel. So, keeping that in mind, I am going to do my best to keep it real with this blog.  I plan on talking about whatever is on my mind, be it good or bad, because that’s life!  You have to roll with the punches, and play with the cards you are dealt.

hope you stick around and check things out!  You just might find something you can relate to!

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About Me

Hey there!

I'm Niki, founder of Midwestern Mama. This lifestyle blog is a place where I get to share things I am passionate about with people like you! I love fashion, home decor, DIY's and easy meals, among other things. I'm so glad you're here! Read More


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