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A Thank You / Why I Do What I Do

October 4, 2018

I wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for joining me in my tiny little corner of the web. I come here every day hoping to inspire others to be their best selves. I enjoy sharing things I love with people I love (that’s you😘), in hopes of making your day a little brighter.  Sometimes that’s a craft I have enjoyed making, sometimes it’s a mom hack that has made my life easier.  But mostly it’s style inspiration because that’s what I enjoy the most!  

The truth is, I’ve always liked fashion. Even in high school, when I would sometimes raid my brother’s closet, I found it fun to express myself with clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup. However, after I had babies I felt lost. There were times that I didn’t even know who I was looking at in the mirror.  I felt like I had lost my sense of identity and I was simply a mom and nothing else.  I specifically remember going to a jewelry party and telling the host that while I loved several of the pieces on display, I didn’t feel like I should buy anything because I just stay at home with my son and I didn’t have anywhere to wear it. How sad!  Not that I should feel pressured to buy anything, but sad that I didn’t feel worthy enough of this jewelry.  
I often felt guilty for taking time to pamper myself (and I’m still working on this), and I would often wear frumpy clothes because they were just going to get spit up on anyway.  And let’s face it…sometimes sleep was just more important than waking up early and getting ready for the day.  
But I started to realize that when I took some time to do something for myself, I was much happier, and therefore a better wife and mom.  It could be something as simple as putting on makeup, or wearing a cute shirt instead of that same old tee I wore the past 3 days in a row, or actually curling my hair instead of throwing it into a bun.  

So back to the point…I started this account because I wanted to build a community of people who support each other.  People who root for each other and also pick each other up.  I wanted to share fun ideas for all kinds of things I am passionate about…fashion, DIY, motherhood, photography, cooking, and the list goes on. 
It may seem silly to think that clothes and makeup can change your attitude, but it’s true. At least for me.  So I want you to know that it’s not vein to want to look nice.  It’s not self centered to love yourself.  It’s not egotistical to think you look cute in your favorite striped sweater.  You do you! 

Thank you for supporting me while I do me!  I am not a professional.  Most days I have no idea what I’m doing.  But, I am just doing life the best way I know how and I thank you for following along!  I am not perfect, I am inconsistent, I lose my temper, I cheat on diets.  I try to be as real as possible on here because I never want to give anyone the idea that I have it together all the time.  I definitely do not.  Sometimes social media can portray a seemingly “perfect” life because a lot of the pictures I post are pretty little squares.  I like the pretty squares. I think they provide inspiration for whatever you are passionate about…fashion, home decor, cooking, etc.  But, behind the squares, just know that we all have our own struggles, our own insecurities, our own real life.  

Thank you for all of the support you have given me, and I hope that somewhere along the way, you have gained something from me too!  
Niki French

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