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5 Random Facts About Me

March 27, 2018

Well hello there!  It’s been a while.  I had a couple of posts 95% complete and ready to publish last week, and then computer issues arose and we went out of town, so I said forget it!  It’s good to take a little break, even if it’s not intentional.  Last week was Spring Break for us, and that meant a lot of togetherness…which is so fun for the first few days, and then I start thinking about that whole distance makes the heart grow fonder saying.  Kidding.  Sort-of.  Luckily, the boys and I had plans to venture down to AR for a few days, so that was a good distraction.  There’s an amazing children’s museum in Bentonville, AR, called The Amazeum and they absolutely love it!  We also got to celebrate birthdays for my niece and nephew while we were there!  So many yummy baby faces to kiss!

I thought I would share some random things about myself.  I love getting to know other people whether that be face to face or via the internet, and I thought this would be a chance for you to get to know me a little bit better!  So, here it goes…

No 1:  I hate it when the microwave beeps.
I don’t use the microwave very often.  In fact, we don’t even have a microwave in our kitchen.  It wasn’t until after we moved in that we noticed there was no microwave to be found, and I didn’t want to take up valuable kitchen counter space, so we bought a small one and put it in our laundry room.  That may seem inconvenient, and in a way it is, but I kind of like that.  It forces me to use the stove and oven more often.  I am on the fence about microwave safety, so I like that it’s not in the middle of where we all hang out, just incase those waves someday turn out to be hazardous.  Anyway, back to the beeping.  I try to avoid standing in front of the microwave while it is on.  Because it’s in our laundry room, I will turn it on, then walk away, usually around the corner to the kitchen.  I try to time it just right so that I can go back in and retrieve my food BEFORE it beeps.  For some reason, I really cringe when I hear the beeping.  The oven beep doesn’t give me the same spine chilling reaction, so I don’t know what it is about the microwave, but I have tried to beat the beep on every microwave I’ve ever had!  I’ve even been know to run and leap towards the door trying to get there before the last second is over.  Still want to be my friend?  If not, I completely understand.

Moving on.  Maybe I should have saved the microwave story til last.  #strangequirks

No 2:  The only bone I have ever broken is my tailbone.
Well, maybe.  Let me explain.  Back in Jr High, I somehow managed to tick off my brother (I can’t imagine how that would have happened considering I was always extremely patient and kind to him). #cuetheteenageeyeroll  He walked up behind me, grabbed my shoulders and gave me a swift knee to the behind.  BOOM.  He showed me!  And he really did.  I couldn’t sit down for weeks.  It was pretty bad.  Time went by (I am not sure how long it actually was) and I finally ended up going to the doctor.  He said that there was no visible fracture, but by that time it could have already healed.  The pain I was having was identical to the pain that people have when they fracture their tailbone, so more than likely, it was fractured and healed before I had an x-ray.  To this day, I can’t sit in one position for too long without having to move around and alternate cheeks.  And pregnancy was a real peach.  Luckily Chase arrived a few weeks early, but I finally had to evict Beckham because I couldn’t walk with so much pressure on my poor tailbone!  Now you’re all thinking what a jerk my brother is huh?  Well, let me just tell you that I hit him in the face with a baseball bat when he was 2, so he went 5 years without any front teeth.  #siblinglove #nooneisperfect #howdoesanyonesurvivechildhood

No 3:  I hate pickles.
I haven’t always hated pickles, but I willed myself to hate them and now I really do.  The story goes like this…I switched schools in sixth grade, and I was at a cookout with my new friends.  They declared they didn’t like pickles, so wanting to fit in, I said I didn’t either.  Every time I was around them, I avoided pickles because I had to save face since I had already told them I was in the cool pickle hater’s club.  And, you know what, I grew to not like pickles…for real!  I still don’t like them to this day, and it peeves me when Chik-fil-A forgets to leave the pickles off of my chicken sandwich!  The juice gets in the bun and it’s not edible!  I have tried to will myself to hate chocolate, but that hasn’t worked out yet.

No 4:  I’m named after a restaurant in Las Vegas.
No, there’s not a Niki’s Restaurant in Vegas…well not that I know of.  My real name is Nishon (pronounced ni-shawn, with a short i).  Niki is just a nick name that stuck when I was little and couldn’t pronounce Nishon.  My parents used to live in Sin City long ago….my dad graduated high school there and would come back to work at the casinos during the summers between his college years.  My mom went into professional dancing right out of high school, and ended up working at the Tropicana hotel as an acrobat in the Folies Bergere.  She was a dancer, he was a spotlight guy…and he stole her heart with a few corny jokes in the parking lot.  Nishon’s was the name of a swanky restaurant back in the day, and my mom always liked the sound of it.

No 5:  I have an obsession with plucking stray eyebrows.
It’s almost therapeutic, but also a bit of a subconscious habit.  I find myself feeling for stray, pokey eyebrows with the tip of my ring finger and if I find one and I’m not close to my tweezers, I will do my best to pluck it with my fingernails.  I have become pretty good at grabbing those little guys, but sometimes, they are just impossible to get without tweezers.  At times, I have taken it too far and end up pinching my skin and creating a nice little scab.  But that doesn’t stop me from continuously checking for more strays  I also keep tweezers in my car…you know, just in case!

Well, if you’re still reading this, and if you still want to be friends, then thank you!  We all have our own little weird tendencies, right?  That’s what I’m telling myself to make this feel less awkward!

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