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3 Quick Valentine Decor Crafts

February 6, 2017

Are you tired of hearing about Valentine’s Day yet?  Well, I hope not, because I have 3 super easy, quick crafts for you today.  As I may have previously mentioned, I don’t do a ton of Valentine’s Day decorating, but as one of my fellow “boy-mom” friends pointed out, it’s the only time we get to decorate with pink and purple and hearts everywhere!

These are 12″ cardboard letters, found at Joann’s Craft Store.  I painted them red and called it a day.  Done and done!   Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, you can pull this one off!

*For this heart wreath/door hanger, cut out 2 layers of burlap in whatever size/shape you desire.
*Using acrylic paint, paint your design on one of the burlap pieces.  Be sure to put something underneath because the paint will soak through.
*Sew about 1.5-2″ in from the edge all the way around the heart, leaving about a 3″ gap that is not sewn.
*Stuff plastic bags (the ones you get from Target or the grocery story) inside until it reaches the desired puffiness.
*Sew up the hole.

Here you can see where I sewed, then frayed the edges slightly.

Hook some wire through the back and twist to secure the ends.  Now hang this beautiful work of art, stand back and admire your artistic abilities!

What do you do with all of those leftover conversation hearts?  Make a picture frame of course!  I actually made this several years ago, and it’s held up great.  It’s missing 1 little heart in the upper right corner, but I can easily replace it.

*I purchased the pink frame on sale after Valentine’s Day.   You could always paint a plain frame if you can’t find a red or pink one.
*Use hot glue to secure the hearts to the frame.  Remove the glass and spray the entire frame with a clear matte spray paint to help preserve them.  The flash on my camera faded some of the letters, but they are actually in pretty good shape!

I didn’t make these towels, but I thought they were cute, so I wanted to share them with you because that’s what I do.  I share things I love with people I love!  I picked up these cuties at Target this year, so hop on down to your local Tar-jay and check out their selection!

I hope this inspired your inner Valentine’s Day craft spirit!

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