Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Patches Galore!

In this day and age of excess, we decided to hit up 4 separate pumpkin patches this year.  One of which we actually visited twice.  Ahem, can we say overkill?  However, in my defense, we have had BEAUTIFUL weather here this month, so I figured we might as well take advantage of it and go do fun things while we still can.  A couple of months from now we will be snowed in and wishing we could swim in the kernels of the corn pit once again.

mug shot anyone?

My boys LOVE the kittens at Pumpkins Etc.  It's a constant game of finding a kitten, snuggling it, then letting it go only to find another one to snuggle.  It keeps them quite busy!

This boy is obsessed with tractors, so he was in heaven getting to play around on this combine.

Feeding the animals.

The pumpkin bounce is super fun at Carolyn's Country Cousins

Jumping from hay bale to hay bale.  We had a few slips/falls, but luckily they had a soft landing of more hay down below!

There's something about jumping into a pool of corn kernels that made my boys giggle like little girls!  This was definitely a favorite attraction of theirs.  Like the beach, but less messy!

I had hopes of getting a decent picture of them while we were there, but I didn't hold my breath because trying to get them to hold still long enough is a feat in itself.  Chase is pretty well trained at posing for the camera, but it is not a priority for Beckham.  Today I had to bribe with some honey sticks.  Worked like a charm!

All tuckered out.  Lots of fun at the patch...too much to handle for a little guy.  

For those of you in the Kansas City area, here are the patches we visited this year.
Carolyn's Country Cousins
Pumpkin's Etc.
Red Barn Farm
Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

Believe it or not, we actually had one more on our list that we didn't get to this year and that's Deanna Rose Farmstead.   It's not technically a pumpkin patch, but they always have it decorated so festive for fall and it's a fun place for the kiddos no matter what the season.  Oh well!  Have to save something for next year!
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