Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chase's 1st birthday: Cowboys

In honor of Chase turning 7 this month, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and post all of his past birthday parties.  I enjoy coming up with themes and working to make each party unique and special for him.

It doesn't seem possible that the first year of life went by so quickly!  Those first few months were the hardest months of my life, I mean, no one really prepares you for the DRAMATIC changes that happen when you bring a baby home from the hospital.  My world was pretty much rocked, but somehow we managed and here we are at Chase's 1st birthday party!

At age 1, he hadn't really shown a serious interest in anything yet, so I took it upon myself to come up with a cute birthday theme. ;)
I went with a western party because the boy looks so freakin cute in plaid button up shirts and overalls!  So, I needed an excuse to have him wear them again.  I may have gone a liiiiiiiitle overboard in the sweets department with cake, cookies and cupcakes. But hey, this was my first time as a mommy hosting a party, and with so many cute ideas, it was just too hard to decide.

A big thanks to my talented mother, who baked and decorated his cake!  (And yes, that is me and Adam in jail).

Smash cake!  For Chase's bib, I cut the number from a bandana and attached it to the bib using iron on adhesive.  

He loved to share!  Fast forward 6 months and everything was all of a sudden MINE!  So looking back at these sweet sharing moments make me smile.  

His invitation came from etsy.

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