Monday, September 24, 2018

All Things Target: Part 1

Y'all!  Target is on FIRE lately!  They have so much cute stuff out for fall, and their prices are always amazing, so it's hard to control one's self.

I haven't done a Target try on in forever, and honestly, I usually just shop online, then return what doesn't work to the store.  But, I decided to venture into the store and browse around, and holy mother did they have the THINGS!

I am going to break this up into two posts because there are so many things to show you.  So, brace yourself because this is just one of two hefty posts coming your way!  But, it's all good.  So, so good!  And the prices are amazing!

Ok, here it goes!  Let's start with this amazing faux leather moto jacket that is under $35!  I put this on and I instantly felt like a cool mom.  It looks almost identical to the Blank NYC one at Nordstrom, which sells for $98.  

The belt is removable, so if you don't want it flopping around, it's easy to take it off.  Super cute and I couldn't believe the price!  I am wearing a small and it fit great.  Not sure I would want to wear a bulky sweater under this jacket, but I loved it with a thinner long sleeve tee!

These are the boyfriend style jeans from the Levi's line at Target.  I liked them a lot, but I will say they were a tad on the low-rise side, especially in the back.  I am wearing my normal size, and I feel like they fit true to size--just slightly baggy like boyfriend jeans are supposed to be.  If in between sizes, I would go down.  They had a little bit of distressing, and I liked the color of the denim.  This is the lighter wash option.  I am wearing these jeans for all of the pics in this post. 

This cutie button up shirt has a vintage wash vibe, and I just loved it!  It also comes in olive green and charcoal grey.

Shirts like this are so versatile because they can double as a lightweight jacket.  I just knotted the corners and it gives a more tailored look.  Fits true to size, I'm wearing a small.  This navy striped boatneck shirt is a good layering piece.  It ran small, and had a snug fit.  

This vintage wash, oversized sweatshirt was super comfy!  I am wearing a large, as it was the smallest size they had in the store, but I would probably go with a medium instead of a small to keep the oversized look.  

I liked this utility vest because it is longer than most I have seen.  For those of you who like things to cover your bum, this is perfect!  It runs large, so size down.  I'm wearing an x-small, and it was still plenty roomy.  I love all the pockets, and there is a drawstring waist, so you can cinch it to prevent it from looking so boxy.  Also available in plus sizes.

This long sleeve stripe tee deserves a mention because it is so soft, has a great length, and is a perfect basic item for layering.  And, it's only $10!

This sweet little cami is perfect for layering under cardigans and jackets!  (ignore my bralette.  I obviously wore the wrong kind of bra for this try on session!).  I am wearing an XS, so definitely size down unless you have a large chest.  And, this leopard print cardigan was begging for me to try it on!  It's cute worn open, or you could button it up and wear it as a sweater.  I'm wearing a medium in the leopard.

The same cami also comes in this pretty lavender color and grey.
And, another great cami option is this one with lace trim.  Comes in black, pink, and olive. 

This cardigan was nice and cozy.  They only had a large in store, but I would probably go with a medium.  It was soft, not itchy at all, and I love the scallop slit on the sides.  It also comes in black, brown, and a lavender color!

Incase you missed my previous post featuring Target shoes, you can check that out HERE!

Thank you so much for shopping through my affiliate links!  I love doing these try on's for you, and I appreciate you supporting me.  If you don't already know, most of the links I provide in my posts allow me to make a small commission if something is purchased through them.  It's not much, but it adds up and helps me justify the time I spend on writing these posts for you!  

Don't forget to check back later this week for Part 2 of All Things Target!  You won't want to miss it!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

American Eagle Try Ons

I ran into American Eagle to make a return, and they had so many cute things out on I took a few minutes and tried on several goodies that caught my eye.  The thing I love about this brand is the textures!  They have some of the softest things I have ever put on my body!

Ok, lets start with this adorable button up shirt, that true to AE fashion, was incredibly soft.  It felt like I was wearing one of my favorite shirts that I have had for years and had been through hundreds of washes.  I am wearing a small and it fit great, so I'd say if you are between sizes, go down.  You could totally wear this shirt open with a cute cami or striped tee underneath!  It would double as a lightweight military jacket!  Wear it tucked in, tied at the waist, tied around your waist, open, or buttoned up!  This is a really versatile piece.  Also comes in blush pink and vintage burgundy color.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Perfect Dress for Fall

Hey friends!  I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend and got to rest up a bit!  We did just that...took the weekend to just chill for the most part, and then we did take the boys camping one night.  It's easy for us to go camping because we can do it in our own yard.  That's the beauty of having a lot of space!  Adam has cleared off an area in our woods, and the boys helped build a fire pit, so it's the perfect little campsite!  There's still a lot of stuff to pack up and haul down there, but having it so close to home is extremely nice.

So, let's talk about this dress!  It's so sinking cute!  I absolutely love the colors, the mixed patterns on the sleeves, and the flow-y feel.  It's very reminiscent of a Free People dress, but at a fraction of the price!  It has a slip built in, so no worries about seeing anything through it.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Target Shoe Finds

Hey guys!  I hope your week has been better than mine.  I can't seem to shake this allergy gunk that has taken up residence in my head, so I've been feeling all kinds of sinus pressure.  And it's no fun, let me tell ya!  I'm ready to shake this and get back to feeling human again. 

So, what do I do when I don't feel good?  A little retail therapy of course!  I ran into Target and the shoe section was calling my name.  Literally it said, "Niki, come over here".  So I listened.  Because who am I to ignore talking shoes?

I love this time of year because the weather, although crazy, gives us a chance to play around with some fall things, but it's not time to pack up our summer faves just yet.  Target had lots of great options for this volatile weather to make the transition to fall much easier on your footsies.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Organizing School Art and Paperwork

Hey friends!  This is going to be a quick little blog post for ya today!  I have been doing some cleaning/organizing and man it feels good!  It always takes me a bit to get motivated, but I'm so happy when I finally dive into it.  Now that the school year is back in full swing, the papers are rolling in on the daily.

Organize school and art paperwork the easy way!  Midwestern Mama

I thought I'd share how I organize the boys' schoolwork and art because if you are like me, it just piles up, has no sense of order and has a way of taking over my kitchen countertop.  I finally took the time to sort through it, toss the ones I didn't feel were worthy of keeping, and organize the ones I did want to keep.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Simple Arugula Salad

Let's start off Monday with a salad, shall we?  That's how most of my weeks start off, then eventually, they end up back at queso and chips.

When romaine lettuce got recalled, I was forced to think outside the salad box.  My go to salads usually consist of romaine, kale, or spinach, so I started branching out and I am so glad I did!  I love arugula salads, but it's not something I usually make at home.  I have no idea why; I suppose it just goes back to the simple fact that we are creatures of habit, and I habitually got romaine and/or spinach.  Boring answer, but it's true.

Simple Arugula Salad with Lemon-Mustard Dressing / Midwestern Mama

But now I am living on the edge!  My arugula and I are are venturing out, and this salad is anything but boring.  So, if arugula is not something you typically gravitate towards, here's a simple salad to get you started!

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Old Navy Try Ons

I had a chance to run into Old Navy and boy did they have a lot of cute things out on display!  Sometimes I get a little bit overwhelmed in that store because they have SO much stuff.  I also had a little helper with me, so I quickly scanned the store for the absolute best stuff!  No time for random shopping when you have little ones in tow.

Lets start with one of my favorite things!  I absolutely loved this ruffle sleeve sweatshirt!  It was pretty cute on the hanger, but so much more precious when I put it on!  I just love everything about it...the stripes, the blousy sleeves, and of course the ruffle!  I am wearing a small.  It also comes in navy and white stripe, and solid white, charcoal, and mauve.  Plus sizes available in some of the colors.
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